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Fuck. I just had an entry typed up and it got erased.
I'll try to remember what I wrote
I inventoried my movies tonight. I roughly have 183 movies and 14 tv series. I know there's more cuz I left a set at my parents. I finally found it's a mad mad world that I've been looking for. yay! I'm still going to be buying movies. lol. I can't stop. I want the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Ultimate Edition that came out and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 that is coming out. Plus The Little Mermaid it coming out too. I'll probably post the list here sometime. I found someone online who has the movie collection that I want. Seriously. I am pretty much completely jealous. I want to be friends with the guy for his movie collection. lol

The boy needs to come online. Ugh!

Dane is on SNL tonight!!!!!!!!!!
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