Stick the knife in and twist it around (gr8punkette) wrote,
Stick the knife in and twist it around

well I never seem to update this anymore. I should probably do it more often. I'm just lazy.
Things are going pretty well with the hole school thing. I should be graduating in May. 2 degrees and 2 certificates. woot woot.
I've been working alot and keeping busy. Work is driving me nuts.
I bought the Acoustic Bayside cd and I love it. The new Daphne Loves Derby is really good. I should be getting some DLD stuff in the mail fairly soon. The new Good Charlotte is interesting. They are trying way too hard to try and make themselves cool. They could do better.
I got the Inspector gadget dvd set today from work. I managed to find it marked down at work today to $12! $12 for some sweet Inspector Gadget. I love it.
I think I'm falling int love with Nicholas Sparks books. I could never see myself liking those kind of books but after the notebook I decided to try more out. I'm reading "the wedding" (follow up to The Notebook) and I got "Dear John" for Xmas. I want to get them all. lol
I want a new cell phone pretty bad. After having and using the Razr I'm not that impressed and don't see the big deal about it.
I've been talking to this guy too. I'm hoping to get somewhere with this one. He really seems to like me and I really like him too. We shall see what happens.
It rained pretty hard to day. A stretch of gratiot (a busy main road around here) was flooded pretty bad between 23 and 24. Was an interesting drive home.

Well, I think I'm done now. I'm sure there is more I could write, I just can't think of anything and I'm tired.
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