Stick the knife in and twist it around (gr8punkette) wrote,
Stick the knife in and twist it around

i graduated

I finally graduated from college.
I have 2 assciates degrees and 2 certificates.
I have an associates degree of applied science in medical assisting and a associate's dcegree in general studies. Plus a certificate in phelebotomy and front office skills.
I finally did it! yay me!

This is/has been the summer of movies.
I saw Spiderman 3 on opening day, Shrek 3 opening weekend and Pirates on opening day (actually Thursday night at 11:30 pm Boo yah). And we're probably seeing Pirates again. Seeing Transformers (it looks sooo good. i'm totally excited), Ocean's Thirteen and Harry Potter.
Pirates was soooo good. Loved it.

Haven't been posting on here cuz I techinally don't have a computer at the moment.
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