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well, i've been out of my parent's house for a year now. I knew I could handle it, I was just a little scared.
This will also be the first year I haven't gone to school in like 18 years. It's kinda wierd. lol. But in a good way.
Work is still driving me crazy. I get such wierd schedules. I work 8 days straight. Starting yesterday and until next Wednesday. I can pretty much guarantee I will be a bitch by the time it's over. lol We shall see.
I'm losing weight. A couple of people have said it. i don't really notice it. I think it's the wierd schedule I've been having. I work late so then I sleep in and then because of that I'm not eating a lot cuz I don't have time.
I'm trying to get through all the music on my ipod before I change any of it. I'm halfway there. It seems like it's taking forever.
I hope to be done with Target by X-mas. That would be superb.
I'm also on the lookout for a boy as usual. lol

well, i'm off to work.
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