Stick the knife in and twist it around (gr8punkette) wrote,
Stick the knife in and twist it around


Well, this weekend and week have sucked
First I was woken up yesterday by a phone call from my mom telling me my aunt was in the hospital because she fell and was unconcious and not breathing on her own. Then while I was at work my mom showed up to tell me that she died. She's still on the machines and everything but she is clinically dead. I ended up breaking down pretty badly and had to leave work. I am definitely not a happy camper. I had the feeling I was going to get that news fairly soon but still didn't want to get it.
They took my aunt off life support today.......
I talked to my mom right before I was supposed to work and broke down again. They didn't want me to work since I was soo bad. I'm not working at all this weekend and am getting funeral pay. I honestly don't know how I am going to get through this weekend. it's going to be really hard.
We have the viewing/funeral home on sat and sunday and the funeral on Monday. Sunday and Monday are probably going to be the hardest.
Anyone wanna show me in love at all? i could really really use some right now. I can also really use all the support i can get. Little things just seem to be setting me off. It's hard.
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